The World of Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp: 03/19/1848 01/13/1929

    Welcome to the World of Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp

It is my desire to have a one stop website for Wyatt Earp, please make yourself at home and Thank you for your paitence in the ongoing construction and additions taking place on this New Web page for any and all Wyatt Earp and Old West enthusiast.


     When you think of courage there are many that may come to mind, however there is one that comes to mind for me...Wyatt S. Earp. In the world of Wyatt Earp there is fact, fiction, legend, myth, truth, and intrigue. There are many things that can be said about one of the most famous men in Old West history, many of which I'll share with you on this site. You'll get to met Josephine Marcus, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, and many more. Take a stroll through our Photo Gallery, the Links page, and don't forget to sign our guest book.

     This site is dedicated to the preservation of a time when there was such a thing as Justice, when men were able to uphold Law and Order, by whatever means necessary, a time when a man could carry a pistol and knew how and when to use it and when not to. A time when words like "Loyalty", "Honor", and "Friendship" really meant something, a time when a handshake was as good as a man's was his word. I am talking of the period most admired by many, from 1860 to 1899, best known as the Wild West. This was a time when real ladies and real gentlemen were "in style" so to speak. Fashion, unlike today, relfected a time when men wore pants, white shirts, waistcoats (aka vest), a suit coat, and one of my personal favorites, a pocket watch. Most men wouldn't be caught dead without boots and a proper hat. Oh, and one can't forget the presence of facial hair; real men wore facial hair during this time frame. Then there are the ladies, real ladies who knew how to dress, I'm sure most uncomfortable for them at the time, but always very pleasant to look at. They knew manners and acted like they had an ounce of class, also presenting themselves with dignity and respect. A time when children knew how to behave themselves and actually acted like civillized human beings. 

     In the middle of this arose a man that is larger than life, a man who didn't choose to become one of the most famous in lawmen. As fact, myth, and legend come together and make heroes, the legendary Wyatt Earp takes his place in the history that is The Old West. Just the mention of the name of "Wyatt Earp" conjures up in many...respect.  This isn't to say that Wyatt Earp was perfect by any means, he was a man of his time, a man that did what he had to do to survive and knew what he had to do to live. It is my hope that you will enjoy this site in its growth and learn about Wyatt Earp and those that surrounded him and gain as much from it as I have from gathering the information. So sit down for a spell, make yourself at home, take in all that you can, and then tell a friend so that we can preserve a piece of history that so many love and respect. Also if you ever come to Fort Worth, TX, come by and visit the Stockyards where you'll see a bit of history preserved by those who love it and who knows you might see the likes of Wyatt, Bat Masterson, Luke Short, Jim Courtright, and William McLaury.

Pat Ira Neff (aka Wyatt S. Earp) the pages to follow, once complete, it is my desire to write the pages in first person, which I think will be an interesting addition to this site and one perspective which I hope you will enjoy.